Glenlivet 18  Dark label Bot. 2002

Glenlivet 18 Dark label Bot. 2002


Glenlivet 18 Dark label
Distilled in 1984

Bottled in 2002


Oak Casks

ABV: 40%

Volume: 700ml

Bottling code: LP 0302

Region: Speyside


Nose: It starts pretty pale and weak, evaluating along the way. When it gets fuller and fruitier, it's more like overripe fruits, apples, oranges. Later on a hint of tobacco as well.

Taste: Pretty strong and full taste, sweet, some pepper, a bit soapy, citrus, orange, and some spicy notes, cinnamon.

Finish:Still pretty full and strong, oranges, honey, pretty long, and some candy-like sweetness.