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Our Story

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”
Audrey Hepburn

Inspired by the spirit of Ms Audrey Hepburn, we are dedicated to promoting an exquisite lifestyle and bringing back vintage living into the modern world including a various bundle of flower tea, designer furniture, and a myriad of top-grade antique selections.

Audrey antique shop offers the most exclusive antique collections for sale worldwide. Every collection has its own historical story and background. Our shop hopes every costumer can perceive the narratives and reminiscences that every collection mount to and continue every unfolded story by finding your personal favorite collections.

Flower Tea
Audrey antique shop provides herbs, tea leaves and flowers from all around the world. Our shop believes the nature of quality tea can lead us to a transcendental and peaceful place. Our beautiful and magical plants will bring you into a brand new botanical experience and guide you into a dreamlike floral world. What’s better than creating your personal floral world with a little extra help? We provide all kinds of information of how to fix yourself a cup of lovely and delightful afternoon tea!

Scotch Whisky

Scotch whiskies are among the world’s most revered spirit. While Single Malt Scotch is the signature and the most classic one, other styles of Scotch Whiskies, such as Sherry Cask, peat and smoke have also attracted different fans with their unique tastes.

Our handpicked collection includes a range of old and rare Scotch whiskies of various brands, to make sure you can always find here the bottle that perfectly matches your personal taste. To enjoy an unforgettable whisky experience and have a wonderful time, come and taste our specially selected whiskies exclusively in our shop.

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