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Flower Tea


The Art of Flower Tea

What is Flower Tea?

Herbal teas can be made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots. Because of the variety,

herbal teas’ combination can be diverse and there are a lot of benefits.


. To gratify your mood: Audrey uses full flower as tea, let people to enjoy flowers blooming inside the water. It can adjust and help people with their tense mood in day to day life.

. Personalised flavours: Use your imaginations, put together your favourite scented tea. 

. Various effects: Since the plants used in the tea are natural product, there will be no side effects when you consume them. Although it cannot compare with medicines, it can make you healthy on the long term.


. Easy to make: You can enjoy them anytime. With either glasses or potteries, you can enjoy.

Pour approximately 80  boiled water (if it’s boiling water, keep it in room temperature for 4 mins), and let it sit for 2-5 mis, than it’s ready to enjoy. You can also add a little honey to increase the flavour.

How to keep it? 

To preserve your scented tea, it depends on the tea’s quality and expiration date.


. Avoid direct sun light and heat.

. Keep it in the shade.


. Please seal the tea after you use it to avoid leaking, damp and odor.


. Please keep it in seal after opening the package.


Normally the tea can be kept for 6-month to a year after the seal is opened.

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